Width: 33cm
Depth: 33cm
Height: 33cm
Receptacle ext.cords: 3
Small slide switch: 3
Wall outlets: 3
Miniature slide switch: 3
•Scale 1/12
•Outside measurements: 100 cms x 74 cms y 109 cms maximum height
•Made to order constructions
•Compleation time approximately 5-6 months (two houses a year)
•Total number of rooms 15. Without counting stairway and hallways
•Electric cable instalation
•Six independent lines, with their own corresponding fuse (adapted to the amps installed in
the circuit) and six general switches
•Network connection planned for one or two transformers
•Minimum instalation made in every room for one receptacle ext. cords with two outlets and one miniature
slide witch(for details use the cursor and click in the photos)